Magic Origins Spoiler Update! Part 1 of 2


This post will talk more deeply about Magic Origins Spoilers.

The design of the cards and mechanics mirrors the story for the players, as a kind of “leveling up” to their full potential. This will be achieved by double-faced cards with one side featuring a legendary creature, and the other side featuring its planeswalker incarnation. There are only 5 double-faced cards. One for each planeswalker. The set showcases ten different planes in its cards. Most of these ten worlds will be planes we’ve already seen in past Magic sets. Each Planeswalker’s origin story involves two planes: his or her home plane — the world of that Planeswalker’s birth — and his or her “first planeswalk” world.

Known Cards: Magic Origins Known Cards

What we know on: Gideon



First picture is Gideon as a child with him in the future as the background. Second picture is from the Magic Origins game and says “Before you took the name Gideon Jura, you were Kytheon Iora, a thirteen-old kid from the slums of Akros on the plane Theros. You possess a strong sense of justice, and your magic makes you resilient from physical harm. This combination leads you to speak more with actions than with words.”



This picture is also from the Magic Origins game, it shows Gideon with his mentor, Hixus. The text is “Four years under the guidance of Hixus has shaped you into a powerful combat mage. Hixus believes your natural talent for wielding magic belies something special about you. He suspects that like his own mentor, you may be a planeswalker.”



This picture is also from the Magic Origins game, it shows Gideon in his “first planeswalk” world, Bant. The text is “Grief-stricken over the loss of your comrades, your Planeswalker Spark ignites, sending you to Bant. You discover a realm of chivalry, and you are inspired to walk the path to knighthood. You take the name Gideon Jura, and seek the path to redemption.”

What we know on: Liliana



The leftmost picture shows young Liliana, with her future in the background. The top right picture shows Liliana before her planeswalker Spark ignited. The bottom right picture shows her after her Spark has ignited. These are the pictures for the double-sided Liliana card. The top right is Liliana, Heretical Healer and the bottom right is Liliana, Defiant Necromancer.

So this post isn’t too long, I’m dividing the spoilers into two posts, this one and one other that will probably be published tomorrow. Tomorrow’s post will include the 3 remaining planeswalkers : Chandra, Jace, and Nissa.

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