Magic Origins Spoiler Update! Part 2 of 2


This is a continuation on yesterday’s post which gave you kind of an overview then what we know on Gideon and Liliana. This post will be on what we know on Chandra, Jace, and Nissa. There will also be info on the pre-release schedule and on the packaging it comes in.

What we know on: Chandra


The first picture is young chandra with her future in the background. The second is something in the Rumor Mill on It is debated wether it’s real or not. Though you can’t see it clearly in this photo of the card, the Chandra, Fire of Kaladesh has a 2014 copyright date. Some people think it’s fake but some think it was just a bug in the card design. What do you think?  Tell me in the comments below.

What we know on: Jace and Nissa


I know almost nothing about these two. I have their pictures and that’s about it.

What we know on: Packaging


Here we have a photo of what the Magic Origins packaging will look like. Pretty normal.

What we know on: Pre-release


Here is the Magic Origins schedule, pretty straightforward.

Thanks for viewing this short series, if you like this kind of series for future sets, tell me in the comments. Sorry I couldn’t find more on Jace and Nissa. If you like this post, please click the like button and follow this blog!