Cheeri0s! The MTG Deck!


A Cheeri0s deck uses a turn 1 or turn 2 Glimpse of Nature, a card that allows you to draw a card every time you play a creature then drop a bunch of 0 mana creatures, with some spells for support. For an example, I made my own Cheeri0s deck.

  • Creatures(28)
  • 4X Memnite (0 mana for 1/1)
  • 4X Ornithopter (0 mana for 0/2 with flying, use for blocking fliers)
  • 4X Phyrexian Walker (0 mana for 0/3)
  • 4X Crimson Kobolds (0 mana for 0/1)
  • 4X Kobolds of Kher Keep (0 mana for 0/1)
  • 4X Crookshank Goblins (0 mana for 0/1)
  • 4X Shield Sphere (0 mana, solid blocker, 0/6, when it blocks, it gets a -0/-1 counter)
  • Other Spells(20)
  • 4X Gitaxian Probe (One blue or 2 life, for look at opponent’s hand and draw one card)
  • 4X Personal Tutor (One blue, search deck for sorcery, use to find gitaxian probe)
  • 4X Glimpse of Nature (One green, draw a card every time you play a creature)
  • 4X Land Grant (1 green, 1 any, get a forest from your deck if your hand has no lands in it)
  • 4X Lotus Petal (0 mana for one mana)
  • Lands(12)
  • 6 Forest
  • 6 Island

Thanks for veiwing this awesome deck, this is probably the most fun deck ever designed! Note: In more expensive versions, they use shock lands. Note 2: This deck is expensive like 200$-300$


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